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Program Areas

Cornell Cooperative Extension extends Cornell University’s land-grant programs to citizens all across New York State. An integrated network of professionals including campus-based faculty and staff, regionally deployed specialists and county-based educators and professional employees provide programs in five areas:

Agriculture.jpg Agriculture and Food Systems
CCE supports a New York State agriculture industry that is diverse, sustainable, and profitable, and which produces a safe, reliable, healthy and local food supply.
Community.jpg Community and Economic Vitality
CCE engages New Yorkers in land-use training, inter-municipal collaboration on shared municipal services, leadership training, workforce development, and community decision-making on complex issues.
Environment-wetlands.jpg Environment and Natural Resources
CCE educates on a broad range of concerns: water resources, agricultural waste and land-use management, forestry, wildlife habitat, lawns and turf, invasive species, energy conservation and development of renewable energy sources.
Nutrition-and-healthy-families.jpg Nutrition and Healthy Families
CCE programs aim to reduce the prevalence of childhood obesity and chronic disease through improved nutrition and health practices, to improve child and eldercare, to reduce environmental hazards, and to increase financial and health care literacy.



Youth Development
CCE’s 4-H Youth Development Programs reach urban, suburban and rural youth in three broad areas: Science, Technology and Engineering, Citizenship, and Healthy Lifestyles. 



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