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CCE Summer Internship Program

The Cornell Cooperative Extension Summer Internship Program has helped Cornell fulfill its land grant mission by engaging students in outreach since 2007.

Faculty and staff from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and the College of Human Ecology along with extension educators from local Cornell Cooperative Extension offices involve students in the college’s work to benefit New York State communities. From research to education and program development, interns are involved in a wide spectrum of activities which they document by blogging. Findings are presented in the late summer. 

 "I had a broad understanding of crops and soils from high school that piqued my interest. The internship was an excellent opportunity to deepen my knowledge and gain hands-on experience with both the research process and extension outreach work. It was a great learning experience that I would highly recommend to anyone."

2015 Summer Internship Projects​​​​​​​​​​​


Cornell Cooperative Extension is not accepting applications at this time.
Please check back with us in early 2016 for details on any future summer internship possibilities that will be available.

 College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) Projects

Barriers to Expansion of Long Island Broccoli Production
Faculty: Thomas Björkman
Location: CCE Suffolk
Student Blog
Evaluating Calf Management Practices on NNY Dairy Farms and the Impact on Future Production and Profitability
Faculty: Dr. Mike Van Amburgh
Location: The intern will work across the NNY region, including CCE associations in St. Lawrence, Franklin, Clinton and Essex counties.
Student Blog
Evaluation of Technologies to Improve the Competitiveness of the Stocker Cattle Enterprise in New York. Effect of Grazing High-Tannin Legumes in Conjunction with Copper Oxide Wire Particles (COWP) ...
Faculty: Dr. Mike Baker; Dr. Michael L. Thonney
Location: St. Lawrence County
Student Blog
Field Crops Nutrient Management Applied Research and Extension Internship
Faculty: Quirine M. Ketterings, Professor, Nutrient Management Spear Program, Department of Animal Science
Location: CCE St. Lawrence (4-County Regional Program)
Student Blog
Invasive Species Statewide Outreach Program
Faculty: Mark Whitmore, Dept. of Natural Resources
Location: CCE Onondaga
Student Blog
Invasive Species Statewide Outreach Program
Faculty: Antonio DiTommaso, Dept. of Crop and Soil Sciences
Location: CCE Saratoga
Student Blog
Invasive Species Statewide Outreach Program
Faculty: Bernd Blossey, Dept. of Natural Resources
Location: Cornell Plantations, Ithaca/Tompkins County, NY
Student Blog
Invasive Species Statewide Outreach Program
Faculty: Antonio DiTommaso, Dept. of Crop and Soil Sciences
Location: in or adjacent to Tompkins County
Student Blog
IPM Strategies for Insect and Mites in Grapes and Hops in the Lake Erie Region
Faculty: Dr. Greg Loeb, Department of Entomology
Location: Cornell Lake Erie Research and Extension Center (CLEREL)
Student Blog
Linking Immigrant Families to CCE 4-H Programs
Faculty: Pilar Parra
Location: Wayne and Orange Counties
Student Blog
Schuyler CCE Garden-Based Learning Intern
Faculty: Marcia Eames-Sheavly, Department of Horticulture; Elizabeth Gabriel, Professional Development Educator, Cornell Garden-Based Learning (CGBL)
Location: CCE Schuyler
Student Blog
Sustainable Gardening with Native Plants: Integrate sustainable native and non-native plants to create a bio-diverse landscape
Faculty: Nina Bassuk, PhD
Location: CCE Nassau; Hempstead Plains, Garden City, NY
Student Blog
The Wild Harvest Table Program: Reaching New Audiences
Faculty: Dr. Keith Tidball, Department of Natural Resources
Location: Seneca County CCE and Ithaca
Student Blog
Visionmaker Jamaica Bay
Faculty: Art Degaetano
Location: Queens, NY (Jamaica Bay) or New York, NY (location of NYC CCE office)
Student Blog

 College of Human Ecology (CHE) Projects

Collaboration for Health, Activity, and Nutrition in Children’s Environments (CHANCE) and Adopting Healthy Habits (AHH) Best Practices: Documenting efforts and preparing for the future
Faculty: Jamie Dollahite, Professor, DNS
Location: Based on campus in the Division of Nutritional Sciences, however, intern will visit 6 CCE associations (Jefferson, Herkimer, NYC both Brooklyn and Queens, Orange, Schenectady, Suffolk) for minimum of 1-2 day visits during the summer
Student Blog
Developing Best Practices and Resources in Parenting Education
Faculty: Rachel Dunifon
Location: Jefferson County
Student Blog
Disadvantage and Economic Decision Making in Children
Faculty: Gary Evans and David Just
Location: Tompkins, Cortland CCE plus 4-H programs
Student Blog
Engaging Youth in STEM Activities and the Engineering Design Process through Distance Learning and Summer Camps
Faculty: Susan Ashdown, Helen G. Canoyer Professor and Charlotte Coffman, Senior Extension Associate, Fiber Science & Apparel Design
Location: Work will begin on campus, but 2-3 weeks will be spent at 4-H Camp Wyomoco, Varysburg, New York and 4-H Camp Bristol Hills, Canandaigua, New York
Student Blog
Getting Some Space: Using Spatial Language and Spatial Play to Promote Children’s Spatial Skills
Faculty: Marianella Casasola
Location: NYC area daycares
Student Blog
Greening the Orange County 4H Educational Facility
Faculty: Jack Elliott
Location: Ithaca, Middletown
Student Blog
Health and the Brain Neuroscience Outreach
Faculty: Valerie Reyna, Professor and Department Extension Leader, Department of Human Development
Location: The intern will be in residence in Ithaca as well as 4-H Camp Bristol Hills in Canandaigua, New York in coordination with CCE Ontario
Student Blog
Measuring and Improving Rural Food and Physical Activity Environments to Improve Health
Faculty: Rebecca A. Seguin, PhD
Location: Cornell University; CCE Herkimer; CCE Schuyler; Penn State Extension
Student Blog
Parent Education in New York City: The Parenting A Second Time Around (PASTA) Project, Phase Two
Faculty: Rachel Dunifon
Location: CCE New York City
Student Blog
Sexual Health Education in the Digital Age: Assessing Professional and Parental Knowledge and Needs
Faculty: Janis Whitlock
Location: Primarily stationed at Cornell campus (Beebe) but with 3-6 onsite visits in Tompkins and NYC sites
Student Blog
The Influence of Past Food Insecurity on Parents’ Use of Child Feeding Practices Recommended to Prevent Child Obesity
Faculty: Katherine Dickin, Research Scientist, Division of Nutritional Sciences
Location: Herkimer and Jefferson Counties, and Division of Nutritional Sciences, Cornell University
Student Blog
Use of Social Media and Mobile Technology
Faculty: Joan Paddock
Location: Intern will be based on campus in the Division of Nutritional Sciences, but will work closely with CCE St. Lawrence, CCE Erie, CCE Suffolk, and CCE NYC. Field work of a minimum of 1-2 day visits during the summer would be necessary
Student Blog
What’s the Evidence? Best Practices for 4-H Volunteer Recruitment and Retention
Faculty: John J. Eckenrode
Location: Chemung, Tioga and Tompkins Counties
Student Blog